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Name:Lit Nerd
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Community description:A place for literature nerds.
Hi! Welcome to lit_nerd, a community for people who love literature. This is a place for discussion about books and reading, especially "canonical" literature of any culture or period. (I'm the sole maintainer at the moment and I don't know much about genre literature [e.g. sci-fi, fantasy, romance, mystery], so you might be better off posting about that in another community.) If you want to talk about Beowulf, Borges, Brooks, Proust, Ryokan, Austen, Poe, or any of the other great books and authors of the world, this is the place. My own range of reading is embarrassingly small, so any posts that break away from Anglo-American-Euro-centrism are greatly appreciated.

It doesn't matter whether you're a college student, graduate student, high school student, or you've never set foot in a classroom before. As long as you have something intelligent to say, you're on equal footing with everyone else.

This community is for:

  • General discussion about the experience of reading, finding, and buying books

  • Reading notes and reviews

  • Quotes

  • Reading lists

  • Graphics posts containing icons and banners of literary illustrations, author portraits, and movie adaptations

  • Reading recommendations

  • Promotions of book clubs and other communities, as long as they're on topic

This community is NOT for:

  • Your original work or promotions of your original work

  • Requests for help on papers. [If you're a member who contributes regularly and you need some feedback or would like to be pointed in the direction of some resources, that's one thing. But please don't join this community just to ask for help.]

Regarding Quotes: Please be smart when it comes to quoting works that are not in the public domain. If posted on their own, these quotes should be short. Preferably, though, they should be quoted as examples in discussions, reviews, and reading notes. If you are quoting a work that is longer than 30 lines of poetry or 500 words of prose, please use a cut. Any quote, whether in the public domain or not, should be given proper attribution (at the very least, author and book or website it came from.)

Regarding Spoilers: If you're posting about a novel, play, or narrative poem, please put a spoiler warning in the title, or put the spoilers behind a cut.

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